Throwback Thursday 10/27/16: “Blackhawk Road Site for New Central Alleys”

“Losing Central Bowling Alleys by fire last November was Rock Island’s gain, as it turns out.

Today, Bob Davis and George Gasa of Rock Island, co-proprietors of the old Central, announced plans to construct the Quad-Cities’ newest 24-lane bowling house, scheduled for opening Aug. 1.

The new building, to be known as “Central Bowl” will have the latest in ultra-modern facilities. It will be located at 45th St. and Blackhawk Road, just east of Blackhawk driving range.

Davis and Gasa said the proposed cost of the building will be nearly a half-million dollars. This is minus the cost of automatic pinspotters, which will be rented.

The exterior of the building will be red brick. The building itself will be set back off the highway almost 500 feet. A 300-car parking lot will fill in the space between the road and the structure.

The building will be of L-shaped construction, with a 192-foot front and running 150 feet from front to back.

The unusual width is to accommodate offices and various rooms. The bowling lanes will run from front to back.

The building will include a cocktail lounge, lunch counter, pro shop, utility room, conference room and – the most unusual feature – a nursery, designed to allow mothers to bring their children during the day when a babysitter is not available.

The alleys will feature 24 automatic AMF pinspotters with underground magic circle return racks.

Construction on the building is scheduled to begin immediately.”

-Moline Dispatch
April 14, 1960

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Throwback Thursday 10/20/16: “Ready To Start Work on New R. I. Bowling Establishment”

“Work is scheduled to start tomorrow on construction of the Town and Country Bowling Lanes on the west side of 11th St., between 36th and 37th Aves., Rock Island.

The 24-alley establishment, which will feature automatic pin setters with underground returns, is expected to be completed by Sept. 1, according to officials of the L.P. Corp., owner of the establishment. The building will be air conditioned.

They are Kenneth Enright, president, and Al Barnes, vice president and general manager. Both are of Rock Island.

A permit for construction of the 140 by 140-foot building will be obtained this week, Barnes said, adding that approval has been received already from city officials to start laying footings tomorrow.

Occupying a full block area on the west side of 11th St., the new lanes will be the largest in the Quad-City area, the first to be constructed outright for automatic pin setting, and the first to feature underground returns.

Adequate off-street parking facilities will be available.

Barnes said a few league openings yet remain for the initial season of the lanes next fall.

Among the features to be offered by the Town and Country Bowling Lanes will be Peewee Leagues for youngsters on Saturday mornings and ladies afternoons on weekdays. A pro shop will be incorporated in the establishment.

Barnes said a new car will be given to the person bowling the first 300 game at the bowling lanes.”

-Moline Dispatch
May 14, 1958

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Throwback Thursday 10/13/16: “Moline Glass Hot”


The Moline Glass Team of John Schuldt, Harold Peterson, Clyde Schuldt, Irv Koppelman and Cal Whitmore at the 1950 ABC tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

“Moliners Harold Peterson, Ed Doran, Clyde Schuldt, John Schuldt and Cal Whitmore racked up season high team series for the Moline Glass five in the Rock Island City league with a neat 3,023. Along the way they hit a 1,089 for second best high game. Peterson posted a 266 game. Whitmore a 641 series and Doran and Clyde Schuldt 606 and 635 marks respectively.”

-The Daily Dispatch
March 10, 1950

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Throwback Thursday 10/6/16: “Anderson, Spaulding Take Second in A.B.C.

Moline Aces Hit 1,320 in Doubles, Penny Gets 1,843

ST. PAUL, MINN. – Gerry Anderson and Penny Spaulding of Moline shot their way into second place in the ABC doubles here late Tuesday afternoon with a 1,320 total.

Anderson, whose father, Knute, won the ABC singles in 1938 with a 746 series, led the way with a 685 series that could have reached 700 had it not been for a No. 7 pin tap in the ninth frame of the final game. That came on a seemingly perfect pocket hit.

Anderson shot games of 236, 248 and 201 for his count while Spaulding hit 215, 188 and 232 for a 635 series.

Anderson finished with 575 in the singles but missed 1,800 in the all-events because of a 521 start in the 5-man event. Spaulding, however, finished his nine games with 1,843, getting a 607 in the team event.

Both Gerry and Penny are top members of the Dispatch Gold Medal Club and both have represented the Quad-City area in the National All-Star tourney in Chicago.

Penny has the highest series mark posted in the Quad-Cities since the middle 1920’s. He rolled a terrific 783 3-liner in the Uptown league on February 5 of this year. In that series he knocked over lines of 257, 290 and 236. During the past two seasons he has gone over the 700 mark four times with scores of 742, 783, 703 and 720.

Gerry has been the top Quad-City kegler for several years and this season led both the Tri-City Classic and Moline Majors individual average sheets. The Plow City ace has been over the 202 mark two years in a row in the Majors. He has Gold Medal marks of 722, 708 and 714.”

-The Daily Dispatch
May 9, 1951

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Throwback Thursday 9/29/16: “East Moline Bowlers Form Own City Pin Association”

“Bowlers in East Moline Sunday completed arrangements to pull away from the Moline-East Moline City Bowling Association and form their own city organization in a meeting at Rocket Alleys.

Election of officers at the meeting climaxed the move, which has been discussed for some time. For years bowlers of East Moline and Moline have been in the same city organization, but the East Moline keglers decided to make the change to give themselves a bit more independence in their activities.

Officers elected in the new organization were Paul Roels, president; Al Dobereiner, secretary-treasurer; Howard Wymer, first vice president; Pete Hernandez, second vice president; Sam Karben, third vice president; and Jim Mahau, fourth vice president.

Bowlers named to the executive board are Frank Huggins, Jake Suchanek, George DeBo and Louis Viscioni. Team captains of each league will act as board of directors for the association.

Coming under jurisdiction of the East Moline City Association will be 52 men’s teams from six leagues and two mixed leagues. The new organization will have its own City Association Tournament. A meeting is tentatively set for new officers for next week”

-The Daily Dispatch
October 27, 1953

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Throwback Thursday 9/22/16: “Two 300s, same ball, seven years apart”

“Pam Petersen quickly caught the attention of those bowling in the Trio Classic League when she tossed strike after strike in the opening line of her Sept. 21 session. When that game ended, the automatic scorer flashed “300” after Petersen’s name.

It was Petersen’s second perfect game, with an unusual point of reference between the two.

“My first 300 came in December, 1998, at Bowlmor Lanes. Both that game and this latest 300 were bowled with the first ball that (the late) Bob Neff drilled for me,” said the Davenport housewife.

Petersen did not fare too well at Town & Country Bowl after her 300. She finished the night with a 773 score for her four games.

Last season, Petersen, a 48-year-old righthander, averaged 198 in the Trio Classic. She’s a little below that so far this season. Petersen also bowls in one other league, at Leisure Lanes in her hometown.

I find it very interesting that Petersen used the same ball for both of her perfect games, especially since they occurred nearly seven years apart. Congratulations, Pam.”

-Cal Whitmore
The Rock Island Argus
October 4, 2005

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Throwback Thursday 9/15/16: Moline’s First 300 Game


-The Rock Island Argus
March 19, 1919

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