Throwback Thursday 8/15/19

Matchbook cover from Andy’s Fifth Avenue Recreation in Moline.

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Throwback Thursday 3/28/19

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Throwback Thursday 3/7/19: 1953 Rock Island City Tournament

Final standings and payouts for the 1953 Rock Island City Tournament which was held at Topspot.

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Throwback Thursday 2/28/19: “Central Bowl Modernization is Completed”

“The modernization and beautification program at Central Bowl, 4500 Black Hawk Road, Rock Island, has been completed and the regular summer hours, 9 a.m. until 1 a.m., are in effect. The Central Bowl is closed on Thursdays. The modernization includes 24 new AMF pin spotters.

The walls have been paneled and the service area to the bar has been enlarged. Bob Davis and George Gasa, both of Rock Island, are co – proprietors of Central Bowl.”

-The Daily Dispatch
June 22, 1972

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Throwback Thursday 2/21/19: “Schuldt’s Big Perfect Game Result Of A Little Practice”

“In John Schuldt’s case last night in the Sportsmen’s league at Sixth Ave. Recreation, a little practice helped to make him perfect.

“I threw about five practice frames and slowed my ball and approach down a bit to get the right speed and timing,” he said this morning after opening a 662 series with the second 300 game in the last two seasons in the Sportsmen’s league. In fact, he threw 13 straight strikes before converting a split in the second frame of his second game.

“Yes, the pressure did build up, but everybody was pulling for me,” he confessed. “I had 11 solid hits and in the eighth frame I went on the Brooklyn side,” the right-hander and veteran of about 23 years of bowling said. “During the practice frames I had four spares and a strike, but I hung ’em in there in the opening game.”

Schuldt’s 300 was bowled on the same pair of alleys that Al Boehme scored his 300 on two years ago in the same league at Sixth Ave. Recreation – No. 3 and No. 4. His 300 game was only the fourth in the history of Sixth Ave., and only the second one there since 1950.

The 186-average bowler said he’s been bowling since he was a pin setter at the old Central Bowl in Rock Island. “I started the game when I set pins and I’ve been bowling ever since,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of 670’s and 680’s, and one 700 series, but never a game like this.”

The intrigue of his game, however, is amplified by the fact that his 11-year-old son, Ronald was watching, his brother Clyde has recorded a perfect game, and his wife Cleona is a pretty fair bowler too.

Schuldt bowls for the Ray VanHoorweghe’s Tap team and just came back to the Sportsmen’s league this season after a few years absence. “I bowled in the Sportsmen’s league for about 11 straight years and then quit for a few years,” he said.

He said his teammates, Bob Olson, Dick Yeargle, Emil DeBacker and Tony Smueles appeared more nervous than he did. “They just kept yelling ‘One more!’ and when I came to the last ball they yelled ‘One more, don’t stop now!’”

He said his son, who fired a 165 game in a junior league at Central Bowl last week, generally comes with him. “He knows everybody in the league and was really excited,” John said. “I was awfully glad he was there last night; I think it gave him quite a thrill too.”

But what about mom?

“She was at home and Ron called her after I got it,” he said. “I took him home afterwards, and then we went out with the team to celebrate. She wasn’t up when I got home.”

“I’m pretty proud of him,” Mrs. Schuldt said. “He didn’t come right home, but that’s O.K.,” she laughed.

Schuldt’s brother fired a perfect game [eleven] years ago at Plaza Bowl, Bettendorf, in the men’s Tri-City Classic league. “I guess it’s a family affair,” he joked. “Clyde was right on the line that night and I was right on the line last night.”

His string was broken in the second game when he fired a strike, then converted a spare, then had a split and came back with a strike in the fourth frame. His series included the 300 game and a 179 plus a 183.

“I was really pleased with the game,” he continued. “It was quite a thrill. My knees were a little shaky in that last frame. And we whooped it up quite a bit afterwards.”

For his accomplishment, he’ll receive a $50 cash gift from Sixth Ave. Recreation, a diamond award (either a ring, tie pin, belt buckle or wrist watch) from the American Bowling Congress, an award from the shirt manufacturer who made his, and numerous other prizes from bowling equipment makers.

The Schuldts live at 2318 7th St., Moline, and the neighborhood won’t be the same for some time.”

-The Moline Dispatch
February 22, 1968

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Throwback Thursday 2/14/19: “Over 2,500 Loop Keglers Start Championship Races”

“Moline bowling enthusiasts, some 2,000 strong, will have begun the 1947-1948 league kegling season before the middle of the month. East Moliners will compete in many of the Moline leagues as well as on the Rocket alleys at home to boost the total to more than 2,500.

All of the old well-established loops have returned to the maple warfare, and a number of new circuits have signed for alley time to make the 70-league season the greatest in history.

Most of the problems that faced the alley managers last year seem to have been remedied, for he pin boys and the hardwood sticks appear more plentiful.

Andy’s Playdium has a list of league entries 18 loops long set for action and with more indicating they may come in later. The LeClaire alleys will house 15 leagues, including the 20-year-old Uptown, Twin-City Girls and Moline Majors. Simpson’s will have seven leagues bowling, but will save all the time on both Saturday and Sunday for the open bowlers. The Y.M.C.A. alleys with five loops will also keep Andy’s Little Shots tourney alive during the winter months with meets on Saturdays.

Elks Alleys leagues number 18, and include the Tri-City Classic at 7 on Thursdays. Six afternoon leagues will roll at the Elks alleys, and one morning loop on Sunday. The Rocket Alleys in East Moline will have at least 11 loops and may make room for several more. Saturday will be reserved for open kegling.

With the most bowlers in history and with the most leagues in operation it looks like a great year for the maple splitters. Plans for the Ladies Tri-City classic loop are still being considered and may develop in time for the top women’s loop to see action in the 1947-48 season.”

-Daily Dispatch
September 4, 1947

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Throwback Thursday 1/24/19

-Daily Dispatch
May 14, 1943

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