Throwback Thursday 11/8/18: “BOWLING ALLEY TO BE OPENED WEDNESDAY”

“The finishing touches are being put upon the new bowling alley built by Peter Pfaff just west of his place of business on the corner of Seventh avenue and Seventeenth street and the date of opening has been set for next Wednesday evening. The alley, when completed, will be one of the best equipped in the tri-cities. The old building which stood west of the saloon has been turned with the length extending north and south and on the rear an addition has been added, giving ample room for a regulation alley.

The floor of the alley is of hard maple at the ends and hard pine in the middle, and it has been polished down to perfection. The part where the players stand is finished in oak while in the rear and separated by a railing is a room for spectators and containing private lockers. The interior is lighted by electricity, reflectors being provided over the alley. The carpenter work has been done by Charles Passon & Sons. Bleuer’s orchestra will be in attendance at the opening Wednesday evening.”

-The Argus
October 28, 1901

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Throwback Thursday 11/1/18: “Peerless Bowlers Win R. I. Tourney; Grams Rolls 638”

“The Peerless Dairy Co. won the class A championship with a team score of 2,752 in the second annual tournament of the Rock Island Bowling association last night at the Central alleys. A capacity crowd of 200 attended.

Carl Grams, with a score of 638 won individual honors with Art Unger placing second with 636 and Fred Franzen placing third with 621. The Tri-City Posting Service team won class B honors with a total of 2,650 while the B. & B. Auto Service with a score of 2,431, placed first in class C.”

-The Daily Times
January 16, 1934

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Throwback Thursday 8/21/14: “Millwork Entry Wins Team Title of City Pin Tourney”

Greater Rock Island County USBC

“Champs Fire 3,007 Total in Hectic Alley Session.

They crowned a new champion last night as team competition in the City Bowling tournament came to an explosive conclusion at the Central alleys, and it’s a wonder today that the roof is still on the place.

The Rock Island Millwork quintet is the king of the crews by virtue of its 3,007, but Bear Manufacturing company of the same circuit blew plenty of hot breath on the necks of the winners with a 3,001 total. Last year’s winners, Rufe Ryan’s of the All Service loop, finished third with 2,995. Their 1947 score was 3,035.

There was so much excitement that even Sheriff Claude Taylor appeared on the scene – in an unofficial visit. Up until last night the Ryan outfit seemed a cinch to walk off with a second straight title.

Then, with Elmer Engman leading the way with a sizzling…

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Throwback Thursday 10/4/18: 1957-1958 ABC Association Champion Team

The ABC awarded the patch seen below to the team champions of each association during the 1957-1958 season.

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Throwback Thursday 9/13/18: “For the bowling record”

“When Paul Andrew rolled 1,035 for his four games in the Highland Masters League on Oct. 30, he had games of 289, 266, 234 and 246. The first three add to 789, which equaled the series rolled many years ago by the late Abbie Hartzman. This has been considered to be the best series bowled in the Quad-Cities by a local bowler.

The ABC recognizes the first three games of a four-game league as eligible for awards based on a three-game series. Thus, the 789 by Andrew stood equal with Hartzman’s 789 as best by a local kegler.

However, Dan Miner surpassed both of them with a 255-286-257 – 798 series Thursday in the Tri-City Classic League at Leisure Lanes in Davenport.”

-The Sunday Dispatch
November 12, 1978
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Throwback Thursday 8/30/18: “Waline 300 – First E. M. Gem

“It’s three strikes and you’re out in baseball, and several do it almost every game. But in bowling, it takes 12 strikes to be out, and only a handful ever do it.

In fact, when Dan Waline knocked over 120 pins with 12 straight balls in the Knights’ Classic League at Regal Lanes yesterday morning, it was the first time anyone had ever rolled a perfect 300 game in East Moline. It was the first perfect game in three years in the Quad-Cities, where only four others have been rolled in the last decade.

His gem came as the second game of a four-game roll, and didn’t end with just the dozen in a row. The lanky, Moline right-hander marked four more “X’s” on the score sheet at the start of the third game to give him 16 in a row before he was stopped with only a spare. He finished that game at 220, and surrounded both with tallies of 194 and 161 for an 875 series on Regal alleys 15 and 16.

His only reaction to [the] whole ordeal was “I can’t believe it!”

He said he was thinking about the 300 right from the start, but not seriously until the tenth frame. “My knees were knocking then, but I didn’t try to do anything different,” he said. He didn’t, despite the fact that everyone in the bowling alley had stopped to watch him roll his last three balls. “That didn’t put any extra pressure on me,” he admitted. “The pressure was already there.”

“I carried on the Brooklyn side on the first ball, and then was a little heavy again on the last one,” he relived. “But it kicked the four-pin, and I just couldn’t believe it!” The only other hit not in the pocket for his medium hook came in the seventh frame on a ball he described as “very heavy Brooklyn.”

The 300, of course, was his highest game ever, 278 being his plateau he had reached four times without breaking. The 16 straight strikes doubled his former high of eight.

Just how rare the feat was is exemplified by the fact that there hasn’t been a perfect score in the ten-year history of Regal – or all the way back two decades when Rocket Lanes became East Moline’s first facility. The last perfect score in the area was John Schuldt’s gem at Sixth Avenue Recreation three years ago. Bob Neff has the only 300 ever rolled at Highland Park, that coming eight seasons ago.

But Waline has had plenty of practice. “I’ve been bowling since I was 12 (he’s 25 now), but only seriously for the last five years,” he said. “Right now I bowl in four different leagues, and try to practice every day. I’d say I bowl a minimum of 50 games a week.”

Through it all, he carries just over a 185 average – one that should be helped considerably by a 300 game.”

-The Daily Dispatch
November 20, 1970

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Throwback Thursday 8/23/18: “Pair roll into Hall of Fame, with room to spare”

“Karla (Myers) Bateman and Val Titus became the newest members of the Moline-Rock Island Women’s B.A. Hall of Fame in ceremonies held last month. Bateman was named for her outstanding performances as a bowler while Titus was tabbed for her exceptional service to the game.

Bateman got her start at age 12 in a junior league at the former Central Bowl (now Family Fun Center). She was a member of the first-place team in the youth state tournament that year. One year later, she paired with her mother, Ethel Becka, to become the mother-daughter division champions at the state tournament.

Bateman entered WIBC competition at 17 and since then has had a run of great accomplishments. She bowled as Karla Myers during most of those years. Her late husband, Ron Myers, who was named to the Rock Island B.A. Hall of Fame earlier this year, died in 1989.

On two occasions, Bateman was the singles champion of MRIWBA annual tournaments. She was also the all-events winner three times.

Bateman has bowled two 300 games during her career and has had many series over 700, topped by a 791. She posted a 1054 four-game series in the Trio Classic League that stood as a league record for many years.

Long recognized as one of the area’s top female bowlers, Bateman has averaged over 200 on numerous occasions, Her career high has been 206.

In 1978, Bateman tested the waters of the LPBT competition, an experience she ranks as a highlight of her years on the lanes.

Titus is a veritable workhorse in the bowling game and currently holds offices in three leagues. She is secretary of the Rock Island Ladies League while also serving as president of the Trio Classic and treasurer of the Saturday Nite Mixed League.

By her own admissions, Titus is “only an average bowler” in the game she has enjoyed for the past 54 years. An outstanding spare shooter, Titus has rolled six all-spare games.

Titus was a member of the MRIWBA board for 19 years. She served 13 years as a director and six years as first vice president. She was a delegate to three Illinois Women’s B.A. Conventions and has been a delegate to the WIBC Convention on seven occasions.

She considers being a delegate to the 1994 WIBC Convention as the highlight of her years of service. It was at that convention, held in Salt Lake City, that the MRIWBA and the Davenport-Bettendorf Women’s B.A. made its successful bid for the 1998 WIBC Tournament and Convention.

Both Bateman, as a really fine bowler, and Titus, as an outstanding example as a bowling administrator, are deserving of the honor of being elected to the MRIWBA Hall of Fame.”

-The Dispatch
April 21, 1996

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