Throwback Thursday 2/16/17: “PLOW CO. JUNIORS GRAB TWO FROM HARVESTER”

“The Manufacturers Bowling league and Moline teams of the Twin City league have now received the credentials of their membership in the American Bowling association. The document that signifies this membership is now hanging on the walls of the Eagles alleys of this city.

One of the hardest fought matches of the schedule was staged last evening between the Moline Plow Co. Juniors and the Deere Harvester Co., the former taking two of the games. Fredeen and Buck Johnson tied for high single game honors with scores of 209 and Fredeen took high three games with a mark of 600.”

-Moline Daily Dispatch
February 23, 1915

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Throwback Thursday 2/9/17: “Moline Bowler Scores 789 in Three Games”

“What is believed to be the second highest three-game bowling score ever recorded in league play under A. B. C. rules was hung up at Moline last night by Arvid (Abbie) Hartzman, who is scheduled to compete with the Moline Martins in the A. B. C. meet at Chicago soon. Hartzman’s totals for the three games 267, 268 and 254 – 789. In each game he made eight consecutive strikes. Had he toppled two pins left standing in the last frame of his last game, he would have exceeded 800 for a world’s record.”

-The Des Moines Register
January 23, 1924

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Throwback Thursday 2/2/17: “Medal Received for Bowler Who Rolled 300 Score”

“The gold medal which the American Bowling Congress awards to any of its members who roll 300, the perfect score, in a single game will be given to George Peterson, according to Roy Krabbenhoeft, local bowling club secretary, who received the medal today. Peterson, an employee of the Daily Times, rolled the perfect game this season at the LeClaire alleys, Moline, in the Tri-City Newspaper Men’s League.

The medal contains a U. S. eagle over the shield, the bowler’s name and his score, and words ‘A. B. C. best record for single game.'”

-The Davenport Democrat and Leader
April 7, 1927

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Throwback Thursday 1/26/17: Highland Park Bowl Open House


-Moline Dispatch
May 9, 1959

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Throwback Thursday 1/19/17: Grand Opening Town and Country Bowling Lanes


-Moline Dispatch
October 10, 1958

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Throwback Thursday 1/12/17: Moline Elks Bowling Alleys Grand Opening


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Throwback Thursday 1/5/17: “Woman Bowls 266”

“Mrs. Dorothy Lueders, bowling a practice game at Gerry Anderson’s Rocket Alleys in East Moline last night, chalked up a 266 game. She spared the first frame and then poured in eight straight strikes.”

-Daily Dispatch
September 18, 1942

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