Throwback Thursday 3/23/17: “City pin tournament slated outside town 1st time in 50 years”


RIBA board members pictured above are Harry Stuart, Charles Payton, Tom Whitcomb, Robert Gordon and Darryl Hixon

“For the first time in thr 50-year history of the series, the Rock Island Bowling Association City Tournament will be held outside of Rock Island when Milan Lanes hosts the 1982 renewal of the event Feb. 20-28.

Both Milan and Andalusia are included in the RIBA charter, but neither ever had a sanctioned bowling establishment before.

Milan Lanes opened in 1978, and was added to the city tournament rotation at that time, following Town and Country, Central Bowl and Bowladrome on the schedule.

Entry blanks for this season’s event are available at all bowling houses in the association, and must be turned in not later than midnight, Jan. 30, to be considered for the tournament.”

January, 16 1982

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Throwback Thursday 3/16/17: “NEW RECORD MADE”


A. D. Sperry, of this city, at the Central alleys at noon today, set a new bowling record for Rock Island and Moline. In a match with C. E. Weston his scores for three games were 247, 242 and 300, the latter a perfect score. The former record, 289, was held by Mr. Weston. Mr. Sperry’s total today was 789, and his average 263.”

-The Argus
March 22, 1905

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Throwback Thursday 3/9/17: “ROLLS A PERFECT SCORE OF 300 AT BOWLING ROOMS”

“Andy Paulsen, a member of the Republic truck bowling team, a part of the newly organized bowling league, hung up a new record at the Island City bowling alleys last night when he rolled a perfect score of 300.

All 12 balls rolled were perfect hits in the 1-3 pockets. It is the first perfect score to be rolled in the Island City alleys since the time they were opened three years ago.

Paulsen held the record last year for high scores in a single game, having piled up a total of 298.”

-The Rock Island Argus
December 30, 1918

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Throwback Thursday 3/2/17: “BOWLING LEAGUE TO START NOV. 9”

“Officers Are Elected and Organization Plans Are Now Well Under Way – C. J. Wright Treasurer.


Schedule of Twenty Weeks and Prize Money Amounting to $135 – A Rosy Outlook.

Bowling enthusiasts of the three cities met in the parlors at the Harper house in Rock Island last evening and completed organization plans for a tri-city league, formed for the coming winter and following closely the lines of last year’s organization.

There are to be six teams in the league, two from each city, and the schedule will extend over a period of twenty weeks. Each team will bowl one game a week and the schedule will be arranged within a very few days. Teams are to be organized at once and the first games will be played Monday evening, Nov. 9.

The Brunswick alleys in this city, the Allen alleys in Davenport and the Central alleys in Rock Island have been chosen as the places on which league games shall be rolled. Prize money amounting to $135 is to be hung up to be divided among the teams as they finish. Moline has some exceptionally strong “knights of the ten pin” and it would not be surprising to see first place come to this city.

The officers elected are:
President – Thomas C. Murdock, Davenport
Vice president – A. D. Sperry, Rock Island
Secretary and treasurer – C. J. Wright, this city

-The Moline Daily Dispatch
October 23, 1903

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Throwback Thursday 2/23/17: Grand Opening Topspot Bowling Alleys


-Daily Dispatch
August 28, 1941

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Throwback Thursday 2/16/17: “PLOW CO. JUNIORS GRAB TWO FROM HARVESTER”

“The Manufacturers Bowling league and Moline teams of the Twin City league have now received the credentials of their membership in the American Bowling association. The document that signifies this membership is now hanging on the walls of the Eagles alleys of this city.

One of the hardest fought matches of the schedule was staged last evening between the Moline Plow Co. Juniors and the Deere Harvester Co., the former taking two of the games. Fredeen and Buck Johnson tied for high single game honors with scores of 209 and Fredeen took high three games with a mark of 600.”

-Moline Daily Dispatch
February 23, 1915

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Throwback Thursday 2/9/17: “Moline Bowler Scores 789 in Three Games”

“What is believed to be the second highest three-game bowling score ever recorded in league play under A. B. C. rules was hung up at Moline last night by Arvid (Abbie) Hartzman, who is scheduled to compete with the Moline Martins in the A. B. C. meet at Chicago soon. Hartzman’s totals for the three games 267, 268 and 254 – 789. In each game he made eight consecutive strikes. Had he toppled two pins left standing in the last frame of his last game, he would have exceeded 800 for a world’s record.”

-The Des Moines Register
January 23, 1924

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