Throwback Thursday 1/25/18: Town & Country Bowling Lanes

-Quad-City Times
June 4, 1973

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Throwback Thursday 1/18/18: “Local Bowlers Collect Gravy In Illinois Event”

“Bowlers in the Tri-City Classic League went to the Springfield, Ill., Sweepstakes for a purpose and they came out the winners. In the picture, taken Thursday night at the Plaza Bowl in Bettendorf, the fortunate bowlers are shown with their trophies. From left to right, bottom row, are Ray Colman, Harold Bracker, Walter McElhinny, vice-president of the Consumers Sales Agency, and H. L. Erwin. Back row: Lloyd Moseley, Cal Whitmore, Ed Wichelmann, Elmer Rogers, manager of the Plaza, Bob Anderson, Gene Baker and Elmer Fischer, secretary of the Springfield Bowling Association and a director of the American Bowling Congress. The Moline Consumers team won the championship with 2936. Don Anderson and Ed Wichelmann took the doubles crown with 1258 and Ray Colman won the all-events with 1812. All of the bowlers roll in the Tri-City Classic League.”

-Morning Democrat
March 28, 1958

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Throwback Thursday 12/28/17: “Top scoring nights for pair of Q-C bowling leagues”

”Sam’s Highland Masters and Tri-City Classic are two of the top scoring leagues in the Quad-Cities. Both had their best scoring nights last week.

The Highland Masters produced an average score of 662 for their 48 bowlers; the Tri-City’s 60 players averaged 689.

The Highland masters, consisting of 12 four-player teams, is now in its second season, On its record-setting night, Rick Barlett had the top series with a 780 that came from 256, 245 and 279 games. Todd Cook’s 299 was the top line. It boosted Cook to a 761 series with his earlier lines being 193 and 269.

Cook’s team posted both team highs with a 1033 game and a 2808 series. Bob Collis contributed a 737, Gene Huggart had 664 and Mike Jump was at 646. There were a total of 14 men who had better than 700 on the Highland Masters’ best scoring night.

The Tri-City Classic was first organized in 1900 and is now in its 106th season. Last week’s 689 average score erased the previous record, 687, Another league record was set when the Miller Time Bowling team used 1350, 1284 and 1188 lines for a massive 3822 series. That score also is the newest Iowa State record, topping the 3798 that had first been bowled in Waterloo in 2003 and tied this past January by Miller Time Bowling.

Doug Anderson led the Miller Time scoring with an 814 that came from 266, 269 and 279 segments. Following were Chuck Schuette at 799, sub Jeff Krager with 790, Gary Garnaas with 747 and Josh Cantrill at 672. Krager had a 298 in his middle line.

Rob Genz was the top shooter in the Tri-City Classic that night with 279, 258 and 278 games adding to 815. A total of 20 bowlers, in addition to Genz and Anderson, finished above 700 that night. Eric Littig’s 299 was the session’s best game.

Mike Peters is leading the Highland Masters with his 234 average. Gary Garnaas has a 240 average, tops in the Tri-City Classic.”

-The Rock Island Argus
April 10, 2006

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Throwback Thursday 12/21/17: “Salute to Top Bowler”

“Hats off to Beulah Abbott of LeClaire, one of the first two members of the Iowa Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame was organized last weekend at the group’s annual meeting in Cedar Rapids, with the first two members being named.

Beulah holds the distinction of being one of four women who have rolled a perfect 300 game in Iowa. She was the first, getting hers in 1932 in the old Hilson’s Alleys, now Capitol Lanes.

Mrs. Abbott has topped the 700 mark for series twice. She rolled a 711 the night of her 300 game and hit a 709 one month later at Midway Lanes.

Beulah has been bowling since the 1920s, before the State or Davenport-Bettendorf women’s associations were formed. She was instrumental in getting both organizations moving.

Thirty-four women attended the first meeting of the state group in Newton, in early April, 1931. The local association was formed later that same month.

Since Davenport had the largest representation at the state meeting, the first women’s state tournament was held here in 1932. Beulah won the singles, all-events and teamed with Ethel Methven to win the doubles.

Her all-events score of 1,761 for nine games, stood as a state record until 1958.

Beulah still uses the first bowling ball she ever owned. She has bought or won some others several times, but always returned to the old faithful. Her daughter, Audrey Dittmer, won the singles championship of the city tournament in 1962 using her mother’s “old” ball.

An outstanding career such as this one has produced many trophies and priceless memories. Beulah has a scrapbook full of her high points in the last 30 years.

Included are the tattered score sheet which she recorded her perfect game, newspaper clippings of her victories in state tournaments and others describing outstanding achievements, such as a 277 game.

The latest additions to her collection are a plaque, watch and pin which she received at last weekend’s meeting.

She was not told that she was to enter the Hall of Fame until the ceremony. She had been asked to take part in the unveiling of several pictures of past presidents of the state group, to make sure she would appear at the meeting.

Beulah, now 70, still is active, both in bowling and working. She bowls twice a week, in a women’s league on Friday nights and a mixed league on Sundays.

She holds a “part time” job at the LeClaire Quarry, but is looking forward to working something like 60 hours per week during the busy season for the quarry.

She also does her own gardening.

Mrs. Abbott plans to go to Memphis, Tenn. next month to bowl in the national tournament with her daughter.

Has all of this activity kept her healthy? “I think it has,” she states. “I have not had time to think about getting old.””

-The Daily Times
April 4, 1963

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Throwback Thursday 12/14/17: “Q-C team dents records”

“A Quad-City team has made the national record books after some torrid shooting last weekend in the Gold Dust tournament at Milan Lanes.

Bob Neff’s Bowler’s Corner rolled the second highest ABC tournament series ever for a four-man team. It also added the third highest team game.

Jon Shanku, Chris Lorenzen and Dan Waline – all of Davenport – joined Durant’s Harold Petersen to shoot an amazing 2,852 three-game series. That’s an average of 237 a game per man.

The record is 2,976 set by The Dynamites of Mitchell, S.D., in 1979.

The Quad-City team also notched a staggering 1,050 team game – an average of better than 262 a man. Only two games in tournament history have been higher for four-man teams. The record is 1,074 by the same Dynamites in their record-breaking series. Second place of 1,051 also is held by the Dynamites.

Shanku led the firing last weekend with a 766 series. Waline shot 718, Lorenzen 708 and Petersen 660.

Individual scores in the high team game were: Lorenzen 279; Waline 265; Shanku 259; and Petersen 247.

“The surprising thing about that game was that game was that Chris (Lorenzen) was the only one to throw at least two strikes in the 10th frame,” Shanku said. “Otherwise, we would have easily topped the all-time record.””

-Quad-City Times
December 7, 1980

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Throwback Thursday 12/7/17: “Western Residential Mortgage blasts its way to ‘record’ total”

“The Western Residential Mortgage four-player team in the Sam’s Highland Masters League was red hot this past Monday, recording games of 1029, 1051 and 1013 for an amazing 3093 total.

Joe Roseman led the scoring spree with his 268, 290 and 279 games adding to 837. Bryan Schuldt closed at 773 after getting 259, 258 and 256 lines. Josh Cantrill had 749, coming from 224, 258 and 267 segments. Ron Schuldt, Bryan’s father, “dogged” the team with a 734 series. His games were 278, 245 and 211.

Thinking that the 3093 might rank high nationwide, I called Mark Miller at the USBC headquarters in Greendale, Wis. Miller, after consulting his computer, said the USBC does not keep track of scores by teams with four players that bowl three games.

Thus, until we hear of something higher, the 3093 is a record score, even though unofficial. At any rate, it was some outstanding bowling.”

-The Rock Island Argus
December 8, 2006

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Throwback Thursday 11/30/17: “Pair roll 300s in final game on same night”

“Two members of the Saturday Nite Mixed League, I am sure, received a great amount of attention as they neared the end of their third game. After the final ball of the night was delivered by Paulette Guerrero and by Mike Hollon, both bowlers had recorded 300 games.

Guerrero had bowled 258 and 197 in her earlier lines, so ended with a league-leading 755. Hollon’s first two games had been 226 and 225. His 751 final score was the second best in the league that night.

About two months earlier, Hollon had bowled a 300 as the opening line of a dandy 778 series. The league’s secretary, Wanda Johnson, informed me that both of Hollon’s perfect games were bowled on the same pair of lanes at Town & Country Bowl. I’ll bet he will be anxious to return to that pair again.”

-The Rock Island Argus
January 11, 2008

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